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1210 Lost Angel Road
Boulder, Colorado


Three-time Grammy Award-winning producer Tom Wasinger makes music.

Susan Wasinger is an award-winning designer, author, and photographer.

Their studios are on Lost Angel Road.

Finding an identity two columns

A couple case studies to shine a light on the design process:

The process of creating a logo is both arduous and exhilarating. The first phase is often pure, silly, childish joy. You get to just play with the elements, rooting around in the toy box of your imagination; discovering, uncovering, joyfully tossing possibilities around, letting things get colorful and messy and magical and mysterious. The next phase is a little less giddy, but full of delight as you engage the power and mastery of type and image to focus and refine the paintbox of ideas from the first phase. In phase three, fear and loathing kick in. This is when you must engage your inner critique to cull the crazy/bad ideas and wrestle the good ones into something great.

Then the client arrives...

And a whole new set of concerns, priorities, questions, excitements enter the picture. 

#1  A logo/mark reminiscent of vintage title screens on old black and white movies











#2  A logo/mark reminiscent of vintage focus screens on old filmstrips and movies