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1210 Lost Angel Road
Boulder, Colorado


Three-time Grammy Award-winning producer Tom Wasinger makes music.

Susan Wasinger is an award-winning designer, author, and photographer.

Their studios are on Lost Angel Road.

Interactive Design

New design for tablets puts active, useful, pertinent content right at your fingertips...





Interactive digital design for iPad, tablet, and smart phone offers layers of information and allows you to access content in novel and robust new ways.

The qualities of the touch screen allow you to drill down through layers of animated information to more accurately control the reading/viewing experience. 






Brilliant, cinematic photography & graphics you hold right in your hands... 


The modern tablet has a high-definition, back lit screen that really allows photography, video, and graphics to shine. The kinds of projects that used to be glossy magazines or 50 lb coffee table books, now comes to you directly with a vibrancy and acuity unheard of in a printed publication.   



Fun AND educational interactive content that plays right along with you...

A perfect introduction to making music for kids. It's a picture book that allows young children to "play" the colorful illustrations with the touch of a finger. Using an easy musical notation drawn from the images, it simply, stealthily, and playfully teaches little ones the rudiments of reading music.   


A little web design...

A few examples of web template design that capture the clients message and tone.