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1210 Lost Angel Road
Boulder, Colorado


Three-time Grammy Award-winning producer Tom Wasinger makes music.

Susan Wasinger is an award-winning designer, author, and photographer.

Their studios are on Lost Angel Road.

Finding an Identity--the blog

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A peak at some outtakes

Susan Wasinger

I have mentioned before that design is a messy process. It requires all kinds of digging around, and throwing things out, and messing about before you can begin to find the good, precious stuff and begin to refine it down.

Here are a few examples of directions taken in the design of a logo for an independent, documentary film maker.  She grew up on a plantation in South Carolina, and there was this notable and venerable tree that was a powerful symbol for her. We played with some logos that included more of the tree, and some that played more to the filmmaker. And we found some that did both.

Have a look. Any favorites?